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Virginia Speeding Ticket

Roanoke driver being handed speeding ticket from officer

Drivers who get a speeding ticket in Virginia have something to be concerned about. That Virginia speeding ticket can result in points on your driving record, and too many points can lead only lead to bad things down the road. If you collect enough points from a Virginia speeding ticket or other type of Virginia traffic ticket (moving violation), your license can be suspended by the DMV.

Nearly as bad, your auto insurance rate can increase steeply from just one ticket. A good way to avoid the headaches caused by a Virginia traffic ticket is to voluntarily take our DMV approved online traffic school course to build up safe driving points. You can then use these points to offset the points from your Virginia ticket.

Note: If you are under 20 years old or hold a Virginia Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) license, you are not permitted to take this course online, but you may take the course at a Virginia classroom traffic school location. Also, all online Virginia defensive driving courses require in-person completion of a brief final exam at a testing center located in Virginia.

Out of state drivers with a Virginia speeding ticket

Virginia driver improvement is an 8-hour course whether you take it online or in the classroom. You definitely don't want to get stuck with a "no frills" course that will bore you to tears.

Drivers who receive a Virginia speeding ticket or other Virginia moving violation but are licensed in another state can take the 8-hour Virginia defensive driving course. However, out of state drivers should note that they are still required to take their brief final exam in Virginia at an approved testing center. Please consider this requirement carefully before you decide to take your Virginia driver improvement course online. This rule even applies to states that border Virginia such as North Carolina and Maryland, and we are aware of no exceptions.

It is our understanding that in certain instances the Virginia DMV and some courts will allow a person to complete an 8-hour traffic school course developed for a state other than Virginia. Using this alternative method means that an out of state driver would not have to return to Virginia to take his or her final exam. Drivers who have been given this option by Virginia DMV or a Virginia court can sign up for our 8-hour Florida traffic school course, which includes an online exam that can be taken from any location.

If you are an out of state driver with a moving violation such as a Virginia speeding ticket and you would like to speak to one of our customer service representatives about your situation, please call us at (800) 222-9199.

Virginia Defensive Driving

You can take this course for any of the following reasons:

  • Virginia moving violation (speeding ticket etc.)
  • Court or judge ordered traffic school
  • DMV ordered driver improvement
  • Safe driver points on your Virginia driver license
  • Fleet training (ordered by employer or safety manager)
  • Voluntary for personal use or insurance discount

Our course uses video and interactive exercises to make your traffic school experience more enjoyable. Log in and out whenever you want to from any computer that has Internet access. Just click on the sign up button below to get started!