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About the Virginia Driver Improvement Course

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Virginia driver improvement is a DMV approved 8-hour course that is completed on the Internet. Most Virginia drivers who must take this course have accumulated too many traffic tickets or a Virginia court has ordered their attendance.

Virginia law also allows drivers to attend the course voluntarily to receive up to five (5) safe driver points on their license. These points can be used to offset points from a traffic ticket received at a future date, but they cannot be used to remove points from an existing ticket.

Please read the Virginia Driver Improvement FAQ for additional information, or contact us if you have questions about the course that aren't answered on our web site.

Attendance Restrictions

  • Not CDL holder – If you hold a Virginia commercial driver license (CDL) and you need to attend a driver improvement clinic, you may not take an online course. This is a Virginia state law. You must attend a Virginia commercial motor vehicle (CMV) course in the classroom. You can click here to locate a Virginia CMV clinic in your area.
  • Out of state drivers – Out of state drivers should be aware that if they receive a traffic ticket in Virginia, they can take the 8-hour driver improvement course online as long as they are not a CDL holder.

What Virginia Driver Improvement Is Like

The online course requires approximately eight (8) hours to complete based on an average reading speed. Slower readers might require more time to complete the course, but there is no minimum time – you can take as long as you need.

Students are allowed to log in and out of the course as many times as they wish, and the course is available at all times from any location with an Internet connection. The course will work in all modern browsers, but cookies and javascript must be enabled. These items are checked during registration, and our customer service can help you if you need assistance.

The course contains video segments such as simulated crashes that demonstrate how a driver should use IPDE and other defensive driving strategies to avoid a collision. While many topics are presented in a textual format, our course contains more video than other Virginia driver improvement programs.

Final Exam and Completion Certificate

After you complete the course units, you will be required to pass a final exam. The final exam contains 50 questions as required by the DMV, and is based on the material you studied during the course. The final exam can be attempted unlimited times, but if you do not pass the first time, you must wait 24 hours for each subsequent attempt (this is a Virginia DMV requirement for all courses). Most customers pass the final exam on their first attempt.

Virginia completion certificate

After you pass the final exam, you will receive your course completion certificate electronically as a downloadable PDF, and we will report your completion electronically to the Virginia DMV within two business days.

If you have been court ordered to attend this course, you should make a copy of your certificate and mail or hand deliver the original to the court. We do not report completions to Virginia courts; it is your responsibility to ensure that the court receives the necessary paperwork from you.

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